Riley’s Miracle: A Story of Hope and Healing

Chiropractic Care Helps One Little Girl Walk

Riley was 18 months old and was not walking or even attempting to walk. She made no effort to pull herself up or to bear weight as expected at her age. Sandra (mom) was very concerned about her baby girl’s difficulty walking. The pediatrician had no explanation as to why Riley was not yet walking. The doctor suggested that Riley undergo an MRI that would have involved sedating Riley.

Mom was not comfortable with the idea of sedating her baby and the enormous expense that she would endure for this type of MRI. Sandra began to do some research and came across the website of Dr. Matthew Davis with Chiropractic of Naples. Dr. Davis’s website explained that he had been caring for children for over 16 years and getting remarkable results.  Sandra thought that it was worth a visit to see if Dr. Davis and get his opinion of why Riley was still not walking at 18 months.

Dr. Davis examined Riley and though he did not find any gross structural spinal abnormalities, he did find that even for an 18-month-old she had quite a bit of restricted range of motion in her lumbar and pelvic structures, resulting from pinched nerves.  Dr. Davis was confident that with chiropractic care, specifically gentle spinal corrections (adjustments) performed with Riley there was a good chance it would enable Riley’s spine to communicate and function properly, thereby allowing her to walk normally. He agreed with the request of the pediatrician for an MRI but after detailed evaluation, he felt confident about proceeding with care as Sandra was trying to figure out the logistics of the MRI.

After the second chiropractic spinal correction (adjustment), Riley began to pull herself up to stand and within a month of care, she was walking normally and hard to keep up with.  You can see by her big beaming smile she is having fun walking around, and now mommy Sandra is just as happy!