Find relief for your pinched nerve with Chiropractic of naples

What Are Pinched Nerves or Subluxation:

Our bodies have an inborn wisdom and intelligence that is housed within our brain and spinal cord. It is imperative for the brain to send and receive signals through the spinal cord and nerves to every cell, tissue and organ.  When we lose proper communication we lose the body’s ability to properly function and adapt to its environment (health).Physical, chemical and emotional stresses have gradually increased in our world over the past 100 years. This has caused havoc on our health and wellbeing. When stress in our lives become more than what our body can handle, our body compensates by creating a pinched nerve (subluxation). These pinched nerves are like a blockage in the pathway of the nerve signal. These are what affects the body’s ability to communicate from the brain through the spinal cord and to each individual spinal nerve to every cell, tissue, and organ. This is obviously more of a health problem than just a back or neck problem.

Common Questions:

How can a pinched nerve be detected?

Chiropractic examinations can detect pinch nerves though feeling along the spine for signs like spasms and inflammation of the muscles along the spine, tightness and inflammation of the joints, Plantar Fasciitis and imbalance upon visual inspection of the spine as it runs from top to bottom. We also use advanced, digital thermal and EMG technology that confirms visually the pinched nerve location, duration and severity.

How are pinched nerves corrected?

Chiropractors apply gentle pressure with his hands or an instrument in a specific predetermined, measured location and direction in order to make a correction to the improperly functioning, pinched nerve. This is called a “Chiropractic adjustment”.

Is their any other profession that is able to find pinched nerves?

Chiropractors are the only profession trained to detect and correct pinched nerves. Other professions may randomly manipulate a general region for a fixated joint but this is far from the specificity a trained chiropractor has with restoring function and balance to the nervous system.

What Happens When You Have A Pinched Nerve:

A pinched nerve is a response to stress.  If the pinched nerve is present long enough, it causes muscle spasms and inflammation along the spine as a temporary protective mechanism. If it is not corrected this can lead to major health challenges such as functional problems, arthritis, inflammation conditions or chronic pain.

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