Rehabilitation Equipment

Chiropractic of Naples is proud to offer Medx Technologies, an FDA registered lumbar and cervical medical strengthening devices which tests as well as increases strength, range of motion and endurance.

History of MedX System:

The founder of the Nautilus exercise system, Arthur Jones, founded MedX in the mid 1980’s. He created the MedX system for a way to scientifically document as way to test strength, range of motion and endurance. After years of development and independent research by the University of Florida, the MedX system was launched.  Since its inception it has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide help to alleviate, restoring function and improving the quality of life. It has become an important tool to the healthcare community to be able to evaluate the functionality of the affected lumbar and cervical spine as well as provide rehabilitative exercises.

medx rehabilitation:

Lumbar Extension: As we know, a strong healthy spine that is free of interference, prevents many musculoskeletal spinal problems.  Research shows us that most patients with many forms of spinal pain are significantly deconditioned.  Deconditioning is a weakness of the spinal musculature, that is essential to proper spinal function. This weakness which can occur very quickly may contribute to, pinched nerves (subluxation), DJD (degenerative disc disease), herniated discs and other acute and chronic pain syndromes. 
When spinal deconditioning has taken place, we know that what is important is to actively recondition these muscular structures through isolated strengthening exercise, which the MedX system provides. This is especially important for construction and site safety workers, who rely heavily on their spinal health to perform their physically demanding jobs safely and effectively.

Cervical Extension: Think about it…Your neck has to provide constant support to your cervical muscles and the weight of your head. It’s no wonder that one of the most common complains we see at Chiropractic of Naples are patients looking for relief from neck pain and headaches. Most people present with a weakness or deconditioning of these cervical muscles, which leads to these complaints or because of the cervical spines vulnerability, these conditions may result from a traumatic injury. With the MedX Cervical Extension machine, we can provide a solution for those who suffer from neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and cervical radicular syndromes. It is very effective for cervical extension testing and resistance training and rehabilitation.

Why medx Strengthening is the solution:

  • Decrease Pain Levels
  • Restored Spinal Function
  • Improved Quality Of Life & Independence