Chiropractic Approach At Chiropractic of Naples

Chiropractic Approach
Dr. Matthew Davis and Christina Davis

Dr. Matthew Davis has been helping families with Chiropractic care since 2000 and is now proudly offering his services to the residents of Collier County. We know that your health is a priceless possession. Regardless if you’re in our office because of a car accident, pain or wellness care, our team is here for you!

We have a two pronged approach to chiropractic care:

1. Pain Relief Care for Naples
When people seek care in our office they usually have one thing in mindPain Relief. During the pain relief stage of intensive care, we have several issues that are important to our team:

Uncover the underlying cause of the health problem
Suggesting a care plan to produce the fastest results possible
Showing you how you can be part of your recovery process
Explaining the importance of continuing care once your acute or chronic pain has resolved

2. Wellness Care for Naples
We encourage our patients to achieve the highest levels of health they can. Through educational opportunities (like this website), we hope to communicate the value of ongoing chiropractic care. Our desire is to see our patients abandon the prevailing sickness care model of health: waiting for symptoms to arise and then taking action. Instead, we want to teach people to live by a proactive wellness model; providing your body with what it needs to stay healthy!

You’re the Boss

Regardless of your health goals, know that we are here to serve you. It is your body, your health and your future. Our job is to offer you the finest chiropractic care possible!