Technology Meeting Today’s Healthcare

Naples Chiropractor, Dr. Matthew Davis of Chiropractic of Naples is proud to provide quality service and nearly 2 decades of experience for you and your family. “I am very excited to combine this state-of-the-art facility utilizing the latest technology available with foundational chiropractic techniques. We have streamlined the entire process with the use of online patient intake, iPad check in, iPads for daily record keeping, advanced patient health record software, NASA technology that measures muscle activity and temperature changes along the spine, digital Xray, laser therapy and advanced rehabilitation equipment to provide the highest level of health diagnostic and supportive services for you to reach your health goals.”

Computerized Diagnostic Scans

The benefits of these scans are to detect and measure abnormal nerve function which often times cannot be detected by the presence or absence of pain until the damage is severe; much like a heart attack. “I have been using this technology for over 10 years and continue to be amazed at the information it reveals laying just beneath the surface that normally would not be detected!”  This test does not utilize any needles, electric shock, or heat and does not cause discomfort. The patient only feels the lens rolling along the spine or a small sensor gently touching either side of the spine. Even infants can be scanned. (LEARN MORE…

Digital X-Ray

Images are displayed on a computer in minutes which saves time for the patient and the doctor. “The quality of the image has dramatically improved with our new digital x-rays system. Digital x-ray gives me additional information in determining the cause of your health challenge and customize a care plan to exactly what is needed”.

LiteCure Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic clinical conditions. “With the use of our class IV laser, I am often times able to achieve results in 1-2 weeks that would typically take a patient 1-2 months”. (LEARN MORE…

Decompression Therapy

Decompression therapy has been utilized for years as a safe solution in the treatment of spinal conditions involving nerve root compression, acute muscular spasm andosteoarthritic discogenic conditions. However, all mechanical traction devices are not the same. Chattanooga Triton Traction system sets the standard. (LEARN MORE…

Massage/traction Chairs

Our Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 massage chairs enable Chiropractic of Naples to offer you a spinal massage designed to soothe your muscles and relieve tension. Intersegmental traction creates spinal motion that will aid in reducing muscle spasm and increase blood flow to the discs and surrounding tissues. (LEARN MORE…

med-x rehabilitation & strengthening

Chiropractic of Naples is proud to offer Medx Technologies, an FDA registered lumbar and cervical medical strengthening devices which is both diagnostic and therapeutic. It tests for improper movement and weakness. Based on its findings it is then designed to specifically correct as it increases strength, range of motion and endurance. (LEARN MORE…



“Where Technology and Quality HealthCare Meet”